Fecal Irrigation - Coloplast Peristeen Plus (Medicaid/PPO)

Fecal Irrigation - Coloplast Peristeen Plus (Medicaid/PPO)

General Information:

Peristeen Plus is an effective alternative to conservative bowel management methods. It can be administered either on your own or with assistance, and enables you to decide when and where you want to empty your bowel. Used routinely, daily or every other day, it can help reduce the physical discomfort and worry that fecal incontinence and constipation bring. When the recommended amount of water is introduced into the bowel, water and stool are emptied into the toilet.

Peristeen Plus can be used by a wide range of people with neurogenic bowel dysfunction (NBD), including associated symptoms of Spina bifida, from children to adults. The patient or caregiver will receive thorough instructions from a qualified healthcare professional before using this product.

The Peristeen Plus system utilizes:

  • Control unit
  • Small or Medium Irrigation Catheters
  • Water bag with water temperature indicator