Supplier Standards

The Patient has the right to: • Choose healthcare providers who can give you the highest quality services, products, and equipment when you need it. • Request staff produce company issued ID with their name and position as evidence of employment and official business prior to allowing entrance to a home or living facility. • Assistance translating if you speak another language, have a physical or mental disability, or have difficulty understanding the information so you can make informed health care decisions. • Be treated with respect, courtesy, and in a professional manner without discrimination due to age, race, national origin, creed, sex, sexual orientation, disability, Do Not Resuscitate status, knowledge of diagnosis of infectious disease or ability to pay. • Make decisions during treatment and to refuse a recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the medical consequences of this action. In case of such refusal, you are entitled to other appropriate care and services that the Company provides or to receive services from another provider. • Be informed, both orally and in writing, in advance of services provided, and of the charges, including payment for services expected from third parties and any charges for which you will be responsible. • Expect that your health care information will remain confidential and protected when the Company releases information to other parties as explained in the Notice of Privacy Practices disclosure. • Be informed of Company policies and practices that relate to resolving complaints and grievances. The Patient has the responsibility to: • Provide accurate and complete information regarding medical history, allergies, medication usage and other pertinent matters related to health status. • Take responsibility for requesting additional information about treatment or financial responsibilities when the information or instructions are not clearly understood. • Notify the Company with any potential side effects, complications or other concerns. • Pay all outstanding financial charges.